Creamy Garlic Mushrooms - Castell-y-Bwch Starter

More Favourites?

Our main menu includes a full range of delicious meals. There’s something for everyone, at The Castell-y-Bwch, including Burgers & Hot Dogs, Steaks & Grills, Pasta dishes, Vegetarian Options and Children’s Table.

Mixed Grill - Castell-y-Bwch Steak & Grills
Hunter's Burger - Castell-y-Bwch Burgers
Crispy Pork Belly - Castell-y-Bwch Favourites

Did You Know?

At the Castell-y-Bwch we have several special offer menus such as Two for £12, Two for Tuesday & Senior Citizen’s Monday Specials.

Quench Your Thirst We Have A Selection of Beer, Lager, Cider & Guest Ales
Banoffee Cream Pie - Castell-y-Bwch Desserts

After-Dinner Drinks

We have a selection of coffees, including liqueurs, that go perfect after or with our delicious desserts. Indulge with the Castell-y-Bwch’s Hot Chocolate topped with lashings of cream – if you prefer a brew instead we do that too!